Baxetir flag (Seth Baxter)
Baxetir flag (Seth Baxter)
Baxetir flag (Seth Baxter)

Custom Flag made with Flagmaker & Print. Learn more about our product line-up on the Product Details page.

The flag of Baxetir, featuring the Republican Red, White, and Blue along with a White 6-pointed star contained in a Red Chevron and 7 alternating stripes of Blue and White. The Star and Stripes are in reference to the national number of 76 (no correlation to the United States). Although this flag may seem inspired by the Cuban Flag, it was never intended to be.

Our 3x5ft flags are made of 100% polyester knit; equipped with grommets for an authentic look and feel. This custom flag design is available as both a one-sided wall flag, or a double-sided display flag.

Baxetir flag (Seth Baxter)

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