Custom flag Shipping times & Product details

Learn about all our custom flag product options: Size, weight, printing technique & User Reviews

The Custom Wall Flag

Our most popular product is the full-sized Wall Flag. Here's how it works:

• Our integrated flagmaking app allows you to print your own custom flag design on a full-sized flag. 

• They have a size of 3 by 5 feet (152x91cm)

• The flags are printed at a resolution of 6000px width, about four times screen resolution. This ensures crisp detail and is why the flagmaker only accepts high-res or vector files - pixel images would blur at this resolution.

More Details

• Our flags are semitransparant and show a white outline of the design on the other side. Therefore, the flags are generally not fit for outside use.

• The flags are grommeted for ease of hanging. The fabric is 100% polyester, which is durable and light.

Shipping: Our flags generally take 2 weeks to arrive in the US, and 3 weeks for international orders. This may be slower during peak season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, July 4)

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User Reviews

At Flagmaker & Print, we are dedicated to being 'The Vexillologist's Choice!'. We are passionate about worldbuilding, and giving others the tools to craft their own worlds. Check out some of our user experiences and customer reviews.

Naval Yard Flag (Michael)


Michael from the greater Chicago area bought the Naval Yard design from Areoformer and loved it. He had this to say:

This is great! It's both lightweight and seems very durable in case the worst might happen do it And it looks really good! Got it just in time for the 4th of July! The revolution's coming home baby!



East Coast collector Robert bought the CFSR flag we bought from a guest creator last year. He had this to say:

To compliment my Commune of France flag I got the CFSR flag. It's in top shape quality, arrived in a timely manner despite covid and its design is magnifique 👌!

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Not Happy? Money Back Guarantee!

Flagmaker & Print is dedicated to a single goal: Becoming the best and most accessible vexillography tool available online. We want to be 'The Vexillologist's Choice!' To that effect, we offer a generous Not Happy Money Back guarantee. Learn about our money back promise in this video.

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Future Products: Stickers, Hoodies, Posters & More

We are working on expanding our product line-up. Future versions of FMP will allow you to generate your own stickers, hoodies, posters and shirts. Follow our channels to stay up-to-date with our releases and updates!

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FMP Future Roadmap

Flagmaker & Print is constantly in development. Stay in touch with us through Twitter, Discord, our mailing list or other social media channels to be notified when new versions release. You can click the button below to return to the Flagmaker. Have a good day, Vexillographer!