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About Vincent

Vincent De Nil is the founder of Flagmaker & Print. He is a graphic designer from Belgium with a passion for all things flag design. In 2019, Vincent founded Kaiser Cat Cinema, a youtube channel dedicated to alt-history storytelling. For that channel, he designed several propaganda posters and alt-history flags which became extremely popular. 

Throug Kaiser Cat Cinema's webshop, Vincent ended up selling hundreds of flags. However, one request stood out to him - the ability to customise and create one's own flags via the website. Inspired by this, Vincent and some friends from a game development studio built Flagmaker & Print during one of many COVID lockdowns.

The idea was simple: To create the easiest way to design and print your own flag online!

Worldbuilding and flags

We often say that Flagmaker & Print is a flag service focused on worldbuilding, rather than a deep academic organisation in the field. This is because of our origins as a team of content creators on Youtube. 

For us, flag design should fun, first and foremost! We focus on creating original emblems, art and flags for fictional countries and worlds. Additionally, we want to provide others an easy tool for designing their own flag, allowing anyone to rep their team, organisation, school or personal project.

Some of our projects

• Kaiserreich is a series of alt-history modifications first developed for the Hearts of Iron game series in the early 2000's. The universe is based on a single, simple premise: 'What if Germany had won WW1?'. We make videos and documentaries highlighting the rich lore of the mod.

• The Divided States is an alt-history comic series, imagining the history of the Russian Civil War in the US.

• American Kingdoms
is an Arthurian re-imagining of American history as a medieval epic. What if the US had been settled during the Dark Ages?

Want to learn more? Check out the KCC project site here!


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