Republic Of HajiSossa flag (Cyrus Shahidi - (CyGuy))
Republic Of HajiSossa flag (Cyrus Shahidi - (CyGuy))
Republic Of HajiSossa flag (Cyrus Shahidi - (CyGuy))

Custom Flag made with Flagmaker & Print. Learn more about our product line-up on the Product Details page.

The Leader is a Glorious man named HajiSossa is is the Dictator of the (Republic Of HajiSossa) Green represents Nature, White stands for Purity , Pink stands for Manliness, and the Black dot represents "Black B!tches Are The Bad B!tches", The national anthem of the republic is the chainsaw man intro! All of Northern Virginia is the (Republic Of HajiSossa). October 11, 2022 was the independence of the (Republic Of HajiSossa) same date as chainsaw man release date. It is a law to know how to cut hair properly in the republic. The national food is Cheesesteak. It is illegal to name somebody Karen. Taking your shirt off is a priority in public. The country is recognized by every country and unrecognized country in the world!

Our 3x5ft flags are made of 100% polyester knit; equipped with grommets for an authentic look and feel. This custom flag design is available as both a one-sided wall flag, or a double-sided display flag.

Republic Of HajiSossa flag (Cyrus Shahidi - (CyGuy))

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