Pillars of Honor flag (Alexander James Leibel)
Pillars of Honor flag (Alexander James Leibel)
Pillars of Honor flag (Alexander James Leibel)

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I hope his flag can become the official flag of Saint Thomas Academy in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, and replace the current, very ugly, text colored flag. Meaning- The 4 bars and 4 stars represent the extremely important 4 pillars of the school. The red bar & star represent that the school is a Catholic school. The red color represents the blood that Jesus shed while nailed to the cross. The white bar & star represent the college-prep part of the school. The darker blue bar & star represent the all-male aspect of the school. The blue color was chosen because blue is a common color used to represent males. The gold bar & star represent the school being a Military school. The gold was chosen to represent the gold star standard that the school has kept for very long. The object in the middle is the school emblem. Around the emblem is 19 stars. These stars represent the 19 stars depicted on the flag of Minnesota.

Our 3x5ft flags are made of 100% polyester knit; equipped with grommets for an authentic look and feel. This custom flag design is available as both a one-sided wall flag, or a double-sided display flag.

Pillars of Honor flag (Alexander James Leibel)

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