Flag of the Martian Free States flag (Martian Patriot)
Flag of the Martian Free States flag (Martian Patriot)
Flag of the Martian Free States flag (Martian Patriot)

Custom Flag made with Flagmaker & Print. Learn more about our product line-up on the Product Details page.

"The sole color of our new flag is red. Red like the soil of Tharsis, where these free states were founded. Red like the sun that we bask in; that provides us with heat, light, and the crops to sustain us. Red like the bountiful blossoms of primrose and merigold that dot the Cerberus Plain, whose beauty reminds us of the sanctity of the land we have sworn ourselves to protect. Red like the love we all feel; towards our fellow countrymen and towards our families that are most dear to us. And red like blood: the blood of our ancestors, those that toiled and died to make sure we are where we are today, the blood of our comrades, who fought bravely to maintain the integrity of this new union and whom we shall never forget; and, the blood of our foes, the corrupt oligarchs on Earth to whom wealth means more than liberty and decency, and whom wish nothing more than to have all of SOL ever in their stranglehold. Thus, red is the shade that will bind us, for there is no better emblem of our bond, or of our home." -President Pavel Arkadievich Morozov

Our 3x5ft flags are made of 100% polyester knit; equipped with grommets for an authentic look and feel. This custom flag design is available as both a one-sided wall flag, or a double-sided display flag.

Flag of the Martian Free States flag (Martian Patriot)

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