Royal Canadian Navy flag (Squire)
Royal Canadian Navy flag (Squire)

Notes from the author, Squire:

After the evacuation of the British Exiles to Canada in 1925 after the Syndicalist Revolution, the Royal Canadian Navy was usually discarded as an afterthought as money was shifted to taking care of the ex-British Army professionals that managed to flee the UK. And for most of the late 1920s and for half of the 1930s, it remained that way, as the old Royal Navy ships were left to rot in ports and the hope of return to the British Isles grew fewer and fewer as the years ticked off. By 1936, the navy was in a disreputable state, and was seemed be on the verge of collapse.

After the rumbles of a Second Weltkrieg began to arise however, the navy was suddenly thrust into the spotlight as a massive naval buildup occurred as old Weltkrieg era ships were modernised, new battleships, cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers came off the dockyards in Halifax, Vancouver and St. Lawrence and the entire Canadian military structure reorganised into a force that could oppose the winds of war that was reaching Canadian shores. Even after the United States descended into anarchy, the Canadians continued on, and eventually resulted in what we know as the true birth of the RCN as a far reaching world navy.

This naval flag, adopted in 1941 at the behest of the Exiles, now represents the rapidly growing power of the Royal Canadian Navy, now one of the largest blue water navies in the world. And as the Second Weltkrieg sparked into a full blown world war, the RCN is seemingly poised to take the position of the main power projection of the Entente and ready to do battle with the naval forces of the Third Internationale and the Reichspakt. And it will take its position gladly as the last remnants of the old British Royal Navy, and seeking to be the country that finally strips away the humiliation all those years ago and finally raise the Blue Ensign over Parliament once again.

God Bless Canada and God Save the King.

• Indoor Use Is Suggested to Maximize the Life of the Flag.

Royal Canadian Navy flag (Squire)

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