United Bengal in the style of East-Germany flag (PirateProphet)
United Bengal in the style of East-Germany flag (PirateProphet)

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FMP is proud to present our first collab with r/vexillology flagmakers! I have acquired the rights to this flag from the Bangladesh-based designer PirateProphet which can now be used as a template or bought from the store.

From the author: In elementary school, I would doodle up flag designs for my country. I would often get in trouble for doing so, and for voicing the idea of redesigning my country's national flag. It was somewhat seen as impious to "redesign" the national flag. It wasn't that I disliked the national flag, but I always thought it can be made better. In a way, the flags I doodled in my childhood gave birth to my enthusiasm and fascination for flags. Since then I've learned a lot more about flags: their history and design characteristics. I still love flags and designing flags, more than ever actually; all kinds of flags! The ability to share my flag designs with like-minded flag enthusiasts and flag designers all over the world has only grown stronger my love for flags.

Flag of Bangladesh in the style of East Germany, or as I like to call it: "East Bengal" or the "Democratic Republic of Bengal"!

One night while browsing YouTube, I stumbled upon the East Germany National Anthem, the flag of the nation featured in the thumbnail really caught my eyes. It's fascinating how much the national emblem in the center added to the German flag. The East Germany Flag has become one of my favourite national flags.
As a Bangladeshi, I've always been interested in redesigning the country's national flag, and making it better. I've done complete redesigns, mixed and matched it with other flags, designed flags based on fictional and alternate history scenarios, such as: "The Bengal Empire" and "United Bengal" where East and West Bengal unite to form their own nation.

The idea of merging my favourite flag and my national flag was bound to come to me eventually, and when it did, I decided to make it happen. Among all the flag designs I've made of Bangladesh, I am so fond of how this design came out in particular that I decided to share it with the world. Hope you'll like it as much as I do!

The meaning behind the flag:

Green - lushness of the green landscape of the country.

Red - symbolic representation of the blood Bengalis shed in the Bangladesh Liberation War.

Gold - "Shonar Bangla", Rabindranath Tagore lovingly described Bangladesh as "Bengal of Gold" in the national anthem. It also represents the rich (in terms of diversity and complexity, and wealth) history of Bengal in general.

The center piece is a combination of the Emblems of Bangladesh and East Germany.

The hammer and compass of the Socialist heraldry have been replaced by the resting water lily of the Bangladesh emblem. The Water Lily is the country's national flower, and is representative of the rivers of blood that was needed to liberate Bangladesh, and the many rivers that run through the country. Bangladesh is known as "The Land of the Rivers" because it is the country with the most rivers.

The ring of rye of EG's emblem is in the place of the ears of paddy of BD's emblem, to keep the overall "in the style of East Germany" intact.

The four stars represent the four founding principles that were originally enshrined in the first constitution of Bangladesh in 1972: nationalism, secularism, socialism, and democracy.

Crowning the whole thing are three connected Jute leaves. For centuries, jute has been an integral part of the culture of East Bengal and some parts of West Bengal, precisely in the southwest of Bangladesh. It was historically a major export item of Bangladesh, and they are still the second largest producers of it.


This 36”x60” wall flag is made of 100% polyester knit; equipped with grommets for an authentic look and feel. The flag is a one sided semitransparent print perfect for indoor applications.

United Bengal in the style of East-Germany flag (PirateProphet)

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